Simply Organized Company, LLC is a professional organizing company based in Los Angeles, CA.

Simply Organized Co. (SOCO) was founded in 2020 by owner, Chantell Dennis, who has a passion to help others reduce stress and increase productivity simply by organizing key areas in their home 

The SOCO team strives to combine style and function to create a curated look matching each home and home owner's aesthetic and lifestyle.


home organization service


We will get to know your space and how you live in it so we can evaluate and determine what solution would best fit your needs. Measurements will be taken. 

We will wrap up your project by installing the system tailored for you and your family including all products, and vinyl labels. We will then strategize with you on how to maintain your space after we leave. 

Taking into account your home's aesthetic, personal belongings, and goals for the space, Simply Organized Co. will purchase and install products for your customized system. 

We will help you edit your items and sort into donate, keep, and throw away piles, as well as take inventory of your remaining items. 

Life gets less complicated once your space is organized, freeing up more time for you to enjoy the people and things in your life that matter most.






-Meagan m.

Working with Chantell virtually to organize spaces in my home was a dream! She was organized, fluid, timely and so professional from start to finish. The whole experience was so much fun, and she made the spaces in my home functional! Now, I look at my spaces and smile instead of cringe, all thanks to Chantell!  

-allie d.

"Simply Organized transformed my pantry, laundry room and refrigerator into a dream! Grocery shopping has become so much easier now that I know exactly what I am out of with a quick glance. Now, it's actually fun to come home and put them away in my beautiful containers and baskets!"

-Lauren B.

Working with Chantell was such a joy! I've tried to organize my pantry a few times over the years, but each tine I ended up with a mess. I would overbuy because I couldn't see how much or what we really had. Chantell knew just what kind of bins to buy, how to place them in my pantry, and worked within my budget. Now our pantry space is not only beautiful, but SO functional. Even my 4 year old daughter is obsessed.