3 Simple playroom organization tips that will transform a cluttered room into a tidy space

Playrooms are such a luxury! They give our kids plenty of space to have fun, use their imaginations and just be kids. However, on the flip side, playrooms can also be so frustrating when there are toys everywhere and you can’t even walk through the room! That’s why playroom organization is so important.

I learned about this frustration first-hand, so I decided to tackle my family’s playroom organization, the biggest reason was that we couldn’t keep it clean. My kids couldn’t find what they wanted so they dumped out everything and didn’t want to put it all back. Then, the room was so messy that my kids didn’t even want to play in it! Does anyone else have this problem?

I knew that if we spent some time getting the playroom organized it could actually be a room that we enjoyed as a family and I had the opportunity to teach a life skill to my kids: how to clean up after themselves.

We worked together as a family to create a playroom that gave each of us exactly what we needed! My husband and I re-designed the space by adding wallpaper and additional shelves so that it was aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

Then my kids and I worked together to organize all their toys so that they could see what they had. They were excited to rediscover old favorites and get rid of toys that they didn’t play with anymore.

We ended up with the perfect space for our family. Now, we all enjoy this space and can keep it clean because we set up systems that work for us!

You can achieve these goals as well; by using these three simple tips you can turn a messy, chaotic playroom into an organized, easy-to-clean room that you and your kids can enjoy. 

Let’s get started!

Playroom Organization

Assess the space

The first step in any organization project is to assess the space. To do this, you need to pull everything out – yes, you read that right, everything!


Pulling everything out can feel overwhelming, so I like to keep it manageable by putting similar items together. This also helps you see if you have duplicates, too much of one thing, and will help you know what kind of containers you’ll need going forward. Plus, it makes putting everything back so much easier!

This is a great time to have your kids help you! I love involving kids in the process for a few reasons. First, if they see how their toys are categorized, they will know how to clean it up later. Second, when kids have a say in the process, they create a buy-in for themselves and they’re more likely to take pride in their room and keep it clean. It’s a win-win! Get those kids involved!

To keep your kids engaged in the process, give them a job! During this phase of the playroom organization have them test the markers on a blank sheet of paper and throw away the dried-out ones. They can also discard broken crayons, pencils, etc. at this time! They will LOVE helping you, trust me! 


If you want to make any design changes to the room like new paint color, wallpaper, or flooring – this is the time to do it! Trust me when I say that it is not fun to have to try to do these things after the fact. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do…

In my playroom, I lined the inside of the closet with wallpaper before installing the shelving system. I wanted a way to make the space feel special and allow that nook to pop! My husband and I measured the inside of the closet and then removed the closet doors so that the kids had instant access to their toys.

Now that you know what you have and how you want to organize it’s time for the fun part!

Playroom Organization

Find the right containers for your playroom organization

Containers are where you marry function and beauty in the organizational process! Getting the right containers will ensure you have enough space for your current items, eliminate extra items from your playroom and they’ll help your kids maintain the space with minimal help from you!

When I’m working with kids’ spaces I make sure that the containers work for kids and match the aesthetic of the room. If you don’t love how it looks, then it’s not going to last long!

Here are a few requirements I have for kids’ containers:

  • Stackable
  • Easy to see what’s inside
  • Durable
  • Place for labels

Labeling is an important step in your playroom organization because you want your kids to know where to put things when they’re finished with them. You can use words or pictures on the labels depending on the ages of your kids.

Finally, you want the containers to be easy to open and close! If you want your new system to work long-term, then your kids need to be able to get into the container!

You’ll also want to get a variety of containers to fit all the different items you have. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

This list is just a starting point. Be open to any containers that will help with your playroom’s organization needs!

Playroom Organization

Teach your kids how to keep the playroom tidy

Now that you have a perfectly organized playroom, I’m sure you’ll want to keep it that way! I teach my kids the 1:1 rule to help keep things clean and organized long-term.

The 1:1 rule says that for every toy they bring in, one has to go out. This rule ensures that the system you created when you organized your toy room stays in place. It’s also helpful because it keeps the room from being overcrowded. 

Bonus tip: Have your kids go through toys before Christmas/Birthdays/Grandparent visits and tell them that they’re going to be getting new toys, so they need to clear some space out for them.

Another reason I love this rule is that it keeps your kids from getting overstimulated. Encouraging your child to play with a toy or two at a time allows them to be able to really focus on the item in front of them and learn more from it.

Finally, teaching your kids how to clean is a life skill that they need. Don’t be afraid to put the responsibility of keeping their playroom clean on them. Now that you have a room with a functional system they should be able to keep the room clean without too much help from you!

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