As we head into the fall season, one of the things on my mind is making sure that my home is ready for the upcoming hustle and bustle that comes with the return of routine. With school back in session, so come sports, seasonal activities, more home cooked meals in the kitchen, and holiday festivities. You have all heard this saying before: 


In the kitchen you don’t just prepare your meals, you make new memories here. Family and guests congregate around the kitchen to catch up, games are played at your table, and holiday drinks and meals are shared here. Your kitchen is a special space that should match your style, be a welcoming environment for others, and be free of clutter. Your kitchen is arguably one of the most important spaces to keep organized. When it isn’t, it can become a disaster zone quickly.

Here are some tips to help you organize your kitchen and keep it organized: 

  1. Start with a clean slate:

Before you begin any kind of organizing, my advice is to take everything out. Yes, you read that right! Starting with a blank slate can help you think outside the box (or drawer in this case) and rethink the layout and flow of your kitchen. 

Where do you get your water from? Put your drinking glasses in the closest cabinet. 

Where do you prefer to prep your meals? Your utensil drawer should close and easily reachable. 

Where do you enter your home and put all your “junk” down? Place your “junk” (or as we like to call it, “essentials drawer” there.


  1. Create Stations: 

Are you a coffee or smoothie drinker? Do you enjoy cereal? Consider creating a beverage station to make your mornings go smoother like this coffee station. We love to place a coffee drawer directly underneath the coffee machine or a smoothie station right next to where you store your blender. Sometimes having a cereal station can be just as fun for adults as it is for kids! Having everything in designated zones will eliminate traffic in the kitchen and opening and closing the wrong drawers to find what you are looking for. Who doesn’t want to save additional time in the morning not searching for things!

  1. EDIT

After you have taken everything out and considered creating stations, edit your items. Do you really need five spatulas and three sets of can openers? Probably not – actually, definitely not. I give you permission to either throw your extras away or donate them to someone who could use them! Eliminating clutter like this will not only help you clear out your drawers, but your mind as well. 

  1. DECANT 

Decanting is a term not many are familiar with, but we use it in organizing all the time!

To decant means “to pour one thing into another.”

For example, we decant cereal by taking it from the bulky cardboard box to a more narrow, air tight, clear container. We think that it’s the greatest! Investing in some containers for decanting can help you save space in your pantry and allow your food to stay fresher longer. We also love that it helps you see what you have so you reach for those items first! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it looks beautiful too!

  1. Switch out Seasonal Items

If you have limited space in your kitchen, it is wise to have a backstock area for seasonal items. Many people use their garage shelves, a bin stored in the attic, or a designated area for less used items. As the weather gets cooler, it’s time to remove the ice cream and snow cone machine from the kitchen and swap them out with the seasonal pie dishes, fall themed décor, trifle bowls, and hot chocolate station you stored away last year. 

As you look ahead to cooler weather and the upcoming holiday season, consider giving your kitchen a little breathing room. I think you’ll find that by organizing this high traffic area, it will bring so much peace to your home.  Don’t be surprised that once you start in your kitchen, it may snowball into another area of your home – organizing is addicting! 

I hope this inspired you to tackle your kitchen organization. Until next time, Happy fall, and happy organizing!



Photo Credit: Desiree Keoshian Photography and April Konzen Photography

  1. Sarah Dunn says:

    Hah, I feel seen. When I moved in with my (now) husband, it turned out we had 4 can openers. We wouldn’t have known this had we not sorted and categorized everything first. We kept our favorite one and donated the rest. Love these tips!
    It’s also funny how often kitchens are set up in a way that make sense. Coffee maker on one side of the kitchen and the mugs on another. Putting items near where they’ll be used is very practical and easy-to-implement advice.

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